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Meet Uma Panch

Uma is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Transformational Mindset Coach, and Author. She is the founder of a corporate enterprise called Uma Panch Business & Personal Coaching and a social enterprise called iBeyondBliss Personal & Corporate Wellness.

Uma is an academic in premium Australian Universities and is currently pursuing her Master of Research leading to a PhD.

Uma works with celebrities, leaders, CEOs, business owners, high calibre professionals including doctors, behavioural therapists, lawyers, engineers and educators to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. She will help you to reprogram your mind, rewire your mind and transform your life.

Uma is a multi-award winner of multiple awards for her distinguished achievement which includes the Belle Polle Memorial Price, Highest Academic Achiever Award and DUX award for her 6.7/7 GPA. She is also the winner of the Entrepreneur Award for her positive contribution to society.

Uma Panch is arguably one of the most successful and empowered women of her generation. She is a visionary and change-maker who is driven to positively impact the world. She is based in Sydney, Australia and travels around the world inspiring, motivating and empowering people.


To create positive life transformations and to make a difference in the world.

A Corporate Trainer

Uma's training is inspired by ancient Eastern and Western wisdom backed by modern science. Uma creates curiosity and transformational change in her participants by using the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Subconconcious conditioning, Deep state repatterning.

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To inspire, motivate and empower mankind to become the best version they can be.

A Transformational Coach

Uma decodes the secret to an extraordinary life and leaves her clients excited, inspired and energised to take action and see tangible results. She does this by creating deep change in the client's subconscious mind and activates real deep transformation at the moment. She skillfully shifts her clients from Oh No to Ah Ha!


To re-calibrate people’s internal compass & re-engineer their lives to see the infinite possibilities.

A Motivational Speaker

With over 25 years of corporate, business, academic, experience, Uma has in-depth knowledge of her field and speaks on a diversity of topics such as mindfulness, entrepreneurship, leadership, business, academics, success mindset, women empowerment, emotional and mental wellbeing, holistic wellness, and more.

Awards & Achievements

Uma has positively disrupted the status quo and become a multi-award winner for her distinguished achievements.


Uma Panch was featured as one of  "The Top 10 Female Business Coaches Empowering and Inspiring in 2021" which went live recently and has already been published in 50+ media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, MarketWatch!

It is an honour to be featured along with leading global coaches such as Marie Forleo. It is a reward for Uma's years of dedication and perseverance to help people succeed in life. 

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What others say about Uma

"Uma is such a loving soul. We hire her as our Wellness Coach to provide coaching and mindfulness sessions to our VAs from overseas. Feedback was amazing. Our team got great value for the sessions and our happiness level increased across the organisation."

- Linn Podetti (Australia)

"Thank you, Uma for our session today. It is my first time experiencing personal coaching. Uma is kind in her words and listening skill and also very good in asking questions and getting me to discover things with these questions and then directing me to see the situation from a different light. With just one session Uma opens my eyes to a new way of being and together we set out a plan for me to follow and achieve my goals. Once again thank you Uma."

- Karina Syahdarma (Indonesia)

"Uma has a very encouraging and positive nature and shows a real interest in the areas of my life that I addressed to her - the good and bad including, goals and plans. Her approach to my concerns had led me to become more proactive and enthusiastic. I highly recommend Uma to anyone! 
Thank you Uma for the life-changing coaching session."

- Reyzhel M Velasco (Philippines)

A Note from Uma

Please join us on this journey to transform our world into a magnificent place with extraordinary human beings...

Uma's Journey

The essence of the given name Uma stands for ambition, independence, strength, reliability, determination and professionalism.

Success and endurance are two words that describe Uma the best.

Tell us about iBeyondBliss

iBeyondBliss Personal & Corporate Wellness Wellness was born out of my self-need for a personalised and accessible natural way to balance my emotions, reduce stress, boost happiness and increase peak performance.

Having navigated through several difficult life transitions myself, I know the pain points of those undergoing emotional and mental turbulence. 

What excites you most about your work?

What inspires and motivates me about my profession is the opportunity to be a part of my client’s positive transformation. I savour and truly cherish every moment of coaching and mentoring my clients as I guide them through their ‘Oh No’ moments and celebrate their ‘Aa Ha’ moments

Share your Magic Power with us?

I believe I have the magic power to tap into my subconscious mind and architect of my abundant and prosperous life. I leverage my personal power to guide me into my greatness. This self-awakening and enlightenment were life-changing for me and I am moving towards my goal of self-mastery and self-actualisation.

Life is a roller-coaster ride. Don’t let life happen to you, make life happen for you.

Think about this...What is missing in your life right now? What is your biggest problem right now? I can help you solve your problem.

" We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them " ~ Albert Einstein

  • I will CHALLENGE you to think beyond your limits
  • I will CHAMPION you to succeed in your life
  • I will CHEER you on your accomplishments

Your answers are within you and I will help you to unravel them.

If you are committed to working on yourself, I am committed to working with you.


Uma Panch


Let’s work together to re-engineer your life!

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