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Samurais were revered warriors of ancient Japan that battled all odds to keep the people and the land safe. But in the modern-day, the only battle we have with is our minds and thoughts. What we don't realise is that our minds could be our biggest asset.

So, how do you make this happen?

The answer's simple.

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You will embark on the journey to discover the possibility of executing the power of your mind over matter. As you begin to learn the incredible power of your mind you then will be able to break barriers. This knowledge is a must-have because you can find infinite solutions and make you unleash your true potential. This means that you can and live your dream life and enjoy happiness and fulfillment throughout your lifetime.


If you are reading this the change is that the possibility of upgrading your life is lighting you

Find out how your beliefs are holding you back from living your best life

Learn about the Subconscious, Conscious & Superconscious Mind

Discover who you need to Be what you need to Do to attract what you want to Have

Find out what is holding you back from moving forward

Unpack your Mindset, Brainset & Heartset

Learn the exact formula on how to hijack your brain and make it work for you.

Now is the Time to Reclaim you Life

Learn how to change your primal subconscious thinking so you live your dream life.

This is going to be your Game Changer because you will experience a paradigm shift

This is based on ancient wisdom backed by modern science

You are a conscious creator and I am going to show you how to create your life both personal and professional



Meet Uma Panch

Uma is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Transformational Mindset Coach, and Author. She is the founder of a social enterprise called iBeyondBliss Personal & Corporate Wellness. Uma is a visiting faculty in Australian Universities.

Uma works with Celebrities, Leaders, CEOs, Business Owners, high profile Professionals including Doctors, Behavioural Therapists, Lawyers, Engineers and Educators to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. She will help you to reprogram your mind, rewire your mind and transform your life.

She is the winner of four Awards from Australia which includes the Belle Polle Memorial Price, Highest Academic Achiever Award and DUX award for her 6.7/7 GPA. She is also the winner of the Entrepreneur Award for her positive contribution to society. She has positively disrupted the status quo and become a multi-award winner for her distinguished achievements.

Uma Panch is arguably one of the most successful and empowered women of her generation. She is a visionary and change-maker who is driven to positively impact the world. She is based in Sydney, Australia and travels around the world inspiring, motivating and empowering people.

Life is a roller-coaster ride. Don’t let life happen to you, make life happen for you.

Think about this...What is missing in your life right now? What is your biggest problem right now? I can help you solve your problem.

" We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them " ~ Albert Einstein

I will help you to move from where you DONT WANT TO BE to where you WANT TO BE

  • I will CHALLENGE you to think beyond your limits
  • I will CHAMPION you to succeed in your life
  • I will CHEER you on your accomplishments

Your answers are within you and I will help you to unravel them.

If you are committed to working on yourself, I am committed to working with you.


Uma Panch



What others say about Uma

"Uma is such a loving soul. We hire her as our Wellness Coach to provide coaching and mindfulness sessions to our VAs from overseas. Feedback was amazing. Our team got great value for the sessions and our happiness level increased across the organisation."

- Linn Podetti (Australia)

"Thank you, Uma for our session today. It is my first time experiencing personal coaching. Uma is kind in her words and listening skill and also very good in asking questions and getting me to discover things with these questions and then directing me to see the situation from a different light. With just one session Uma opens my eyes to a new way of being and together we set out a plan for me to follow and achieve my goals. Once again thank you Uma."

- Karina Syahdarma (Indonesia)

"Uma has a very encouraging and positive nature and shows a real interest in the areas of my life that I addressed to her - the good and bad including, goals and plans. Her approach to my concerns had led me to become more proactive and enthusiastic. I highly recommend Uma to anyone! 
Thank you Uma for the life-changing coaching session."

- Reyzhel M Velasco (Philippines)

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