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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

- George Bernard Shaw 

Hey, this is Uma Panch. I know you aspire to be your best version and live your greatest and grandest life. But life gets in the way and we encounter soul-crushing events, problems and challenges that keep us stuck and saturated. I have been there myself and got myself out of my stuck in a rut, hamster on the wheel phase of my life. And I want to help you.

Often it is not the problem but the thinking behind the problem that needs to be fixed. As Albert Einstein quotes "You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem".

.....And the thinking can be transformed through the power of Mindset Transformation COACHING.

Who is Coaching For?

Anyone going through crossroads and life transitions or crises.

Or perhaps just to get to the best version of yourself.

Simply anyone who wants to get clarity, direction, focus, momentum, progress and ultimate success in their life.

Successful people who have a Coach


I am Uma Panch the Self-Discovery Session is a "Gap Analysis System" that I have designed to analyse your pain points and problems and suggest the right course of action. In essence, it is a diagnosis process where we will assess where you are, where you want to be, and what is holding you back from having what you want to have.

During our 60 minutes together, I will ask you a series of clarifying questions allowing us to dive into the depth of your challenges, opportunities, goals, values and beliefs. 

From the Self Discovery Sessionyou will have new insights and life-changing perspectives giving you an opportunity to find ways to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

Don't just take my word on this.....

Here's what our client's say about their experience

You see,  you cannot do the same thing and expect a different result. This is your opportunity to do something different. What have you got to lose anyway?

Trust me, you want in!

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Meet Uma Panch

Uma Panch is a multi-award-winning Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Transformational Mindset Coach, and Author. She is the founder of a social enterprise called iBeyondBliss Personal & Corporate Wellness. Uma is also visiting faculty in several premium Australian Universities.

Uma works with celebrities, leaders, CEOs, business owners, high-profile professionals including doctors, behavioural therapists, lawyers, engineers, and educators to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. She will help you to reprogram your mind, rewire your mind and transform your life.

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Our Clients love us

"The Discovery session with Uma Panch helped me a lot to understand what my obstacles were and helped me work on them. It truly was an eye-opener and it also helped me break down some of the barriers that I had constructed in my own mind. Thanks a lot! I truly believe that it will have a long-lasting impact on me!"

Sneha Sivakumar | Social Media Expert 

The Self Discovery session with Uma was so rewarding. She helped me realised my values and my beliefs. Most of the times we just do what we do, without stopping to reflect why we do things, and how our actions align with our values and beliefs, and whether these align with our goals and purpose.

Dai Le Councillor | Fairfield City Council

Uma is an amazing coach. She has helped me with many problems from alcohol abuse, anxiety through to any personal, business, and relationship problems I've had. She asks the right questions and is so patient. Professional and highly skilled in life coaching. I highly recommend Uma's service.

- Linh Podetti | Business Owner 

"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” ― Rumi




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